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Elevating the Hair Industry One Style at a Time

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Life’s Salon in Seattle, Washington offers a variety of salon services. Whether you want a simple haircut or glamorous hair extensions, we’ll help you achieve the look you want. Schedule an appointment with us!





Pulse Products were created to add and sustain the beauty and health of all textures of hair.!

Our products have organic, natural and plant-derived ingredients, offering high quality hair care for every texture, that works hard so you don’t have to . I hope you enjoy every item we have to offer, and share your experience with us as well as others.

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Life Be Lifein 

Life Saver Brush

The Life's Salon LifeSaver Brush is just what the name says, a life ​​saver, for your hair!

The LifeSaver Brush makes de-tangling curls quicker, easier, and healthier. This brush works wonders for all hair textures but was especially created to remove knots and tangles from hair textures 3a to 4c (kinky, wavy, curly, wet, dry, thick or matted hair, incl. wigs and extensions).

The LifeSaver Brush is made with non-abrasive material and comes with rounded bristles that separate, which helps to remove knots and comb through curls without painfully pulling hair or damaging the scalp. The detachable bracket allows you to adjust the brush's flexibility according to your comfort and hair texture.

When brushing, each tooth can fully contact the scalp, effectively massaging the scalp, stimulating blood circulation and hair growth, making brushing a much more pleasurable experience.

Less pain, less shedding, and less time. AND it's waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. It's MAGIC I tell you....

Give this brush a try today, it has been a Life saver for me, my clients, and my girls.

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Initial Rings 

Add life to your fingers with these statement rings. Wear them as a single initial or stacked to form  your personized statement. These gold adjustable alloy open rings fit most sizes. so order now!



Life's Salon Logo Sweatshirt

Add some LIFE to your wardrobe, with our signature logo in mint and dark green over black canvas , or our 13th Anniversary Gold logo over a white canvas. You will look great in either choice. Limited sizes in the salon or order here or all options.

$30 and up


50% cotton/50% polyester Reduced pilling and softer air-jet spun yarn- Design is made with heat transfer vinyl- Machine Wash -Hang Dry

Size guide


Length (inches) 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Width (inches) 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34

Mission Statement 

We strive to provide quality hair services to Add Life to your hair from root to tip.

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